Saturday, March 8, 2008

London, 2-3 PM, Opp Pak High Commission, 9th March

High Commission London

Lawyers, students, political parties and civil society
organizations are gathering at 2 PM in front of the
High Commission London to express our solidarity with
the Lawyers Movement in Pakistan on the occasion of
the anniversary of the illegal deposal of the Chief
Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry (March 9th).

This event marks one year of intense struggle against
military dictatorship in Pakistan. A year of struggle
that has seen both victories and defeats. Nonetheless
a year of struggle that will go down as a historic
year that witnessed sea tide changes in the political
landscape of Pakistan. People across Pakistan will
mark this day with black flags, protests, marches, and
demonstrations. There are fears of a state crackdown
against protesters making it all the more necessary
that people in London stand in solidarity with our
brothers and sisters back home.

High Commission London
2 PM to 3 PM
Sunday 9th March

The illegal usurpation of power of Pervaiz Musharraf
is now breathing its very last.

Girti Hui Deewar Ko Aik Dhaka Aur Do

Our Demands:
1) Restore the Judiciary
2) Free All Political Prisoners
3) Free the Media
4) Restore the 1973 Constitution

I'll be grateful for any help in organizing this
event. Please send this out to all your london
friends. They can get in touch with me on ;

In solidarity
Taimur Rahman

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